College Dudes Help U Junk Offer All Kinds of Computer Monitor Recycling & Disposal Including CRT Monitor Recycling, LCD Monitor Recycling, Old Monitor Removal, And Computer Screen Recycling.

Electronic equipment is part of modern life. Improper break-down and destruction of old computer monitors and TVs can release the Hazardous Chemicals and compounds contained within them. We at College Dudes Help U Junk strongly recommend recycling all Unwanted Electronic Products such as televisions, computers, and computer monitors. The unwanted computer monitors should be recycled to recover and reuse the product itself or materials like copper, steel, or glass that the product contains. Recycling is becoming more convenient and less expensive. College Dudes Help U Junk is committed to setting the standard for responsible E-Waste Recycling. The plastics, Lead, Cadmium, and other chemicals that makeup computer monitors can pollute the ground and water supply unless disposed of properly. It’s important to keep these items out of the landfill and get them into the hands of a certified recycling company.

Computer Monitor Recycling

Computer Monitor Disposal

Did you know that many monitors, displays, and screens contain chemicals that can harm our health and the environment if they’re not disposed of properly? That is why it is important to make sure these items should be disposed of properly. At College Dudes Help U Junk we make it easy to dispose of your unwanted monitors. We try to ensure everything gets recycled or properly disposed of, so you don’t have to worry about it. Computer monitor recycling is an effort that businesses and consumers alike need to consider for the sake of our landfills and water table. When you recycle with a company that does not follow the Correct Disposal Procedures and these chemicals are released, they can cause damage to the environment and human health. College Dudes Help U Junk is a reputable company for all types of IT equipment disposal like Computer Disposal, monitor disposal, and printing recycling, etc.

Computer Monitor Pick Up

Are your old computers, monitors, televisions, and electronics taking up space? Recycle your unwanted electronics. We offer computer monitor pick up service so that you may get rid of your unwanted and Old Computer Monitor. When monitors are crushed in landfills, these chemicals are released into the air and water and have been linked to serious respiratory and Neuropsychological Disorders. Most trash haulers won’t pick up old monitors or computers for these reasons. With College Dudes Help U Junk you will be ensured that we pick up computer monitors from anywhere for your convenience. When we arrive, just point to the displays you want to be removed and we’ll provide you with an up-front, all-inclusive price.

computer monitor pick up

Computer Monitor Recycling Services

At College Dudes Help U Junk we offer the following printer recycling services:

  • Old Computer Monitor Disposal
  • Recycle LCD Monitor
  • Recycle CRT Monitors

College Dudes Help U Junk once you need our services, we will haul your broken monitors away from wherever it’s located and finish by tidying up the area. Fast response times, value for money and excellent customer service are our main priorities at College Dudes Help U Junk.

Old Computer Monitor Disposal

As experts in our field, having provided hassle-free computer monitor collection, recycling, and recovery solutions, we can confidently offer affordable E-Waste Management Services that are as good for you as they are for the environment. To ensure you get more out of your monitor recycling service, we offer licensed and certified old computer monitor disposal services.

LCD Monitor Recycling

LCD recycling (Liquid Crystal Display) has always been an important waste stream to keep out of landfills, but properly recycling LCD displays is vital for the long-term health of our environment. At College Dudes Help U Junk our Trained Personnel and state of the art recycling facilities are designed to safely recycle harmfully wasted associated with LCD displays, along with many other waste streams.

CRT Monitors Recycling

When you look at your CRT monitor, the last thing that crosses your mind is the level of heavy metals and Mercury Present in the device, not to mention the harm these elements can have on you and the environment. At College Dudes Help U Junk our goal is not to make you think your CRT monitor is toxic and evil, we just need people to be aware of the hazards so when it comes time to replace a device, you know your old one needs to be properly recycled. At College Dudes Help U Junk we are very proud of our ability to divert harmful waste streams entirely from the landfill.