College Dudes Help U Junk Provides Hot Tub Removal, SPA Disposal, Hot Tub Pick Up, In-Ground Hot Tub Removal, And Hot Tub Debris Removal.

Many hot tubs and jacuzzis go unused for years. Maybe you purchased a hot tub years ago, thinking you would use it often, and ended up using it only a few times. If you want to get rid of your hot tub, College Dudes Help U Junk has got you covered. We are a junk removal company that specializes in home item disposal including your past its Prime Jacuzzi or hot tub. The friendly team at College Dudes Help U Junk is licensed, insured, and bonded, so you can trust that we will handle the items and your home with respect and caution. We will provide an affordable, reliable, safe, and eco-friendly Hot Tub Hauling Service. Our team disposes of your hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi properly, according to all local and state disposal regulations.

Hot Tub Removal

Spa Removal

If your spa or jacuzzi is outdated, or simply no longer needed, there is no reason to believe you have to live with it. Some spa owners live for years with a unit they are no longer using because they do not have time, cost, or hassle involved with hauling it away. With College Dudes Help U Junk you must not worry about Spa removal. We provide an efficient Spa Removal Service so you don’t need to worry about the pickup or disposal of that old tub. Our crew members are properly trained in the safest and most efficient methods of transporting these Bulky Machines. If your Spa not functional, we take its recyclable parts to a facility and dispose of the rest using the most eco-friendly methods available to us.

Hot Tub Recycling

If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom and replacing your hot tub, don’t get perplexed as to what to do with the existing or Old Hot Tub. College Dudes Help U Junk is the place to address your needs for hot tub recycling. We try our best to recycle most of the items. Spa pack and Spa side controls can be used again. We have got experience, skills, and state of the art tools to get the job done perfectly and completely. College Dudes Help U Junk takes special care with your property and will clean up when they are done with your Rubbish Removal project, leaving you with new-found space. We are happy to take any of your junk off your hands.

Hot Tub Removal Services

At College Dudes Help U Junk we offer the following hot tub removal services:

  • Old Hot Tub Removal
  • Hot Tub Haul Away
  • Hot Tub Demolition
  • Spa Pool Removal
  • Jacuzzi Removal

If you have ever wondered what to do with an old, unused and probably non-working hot tub, College Dudes Help U Junk is meant to solve this mystery. College Dudes Help U Junk offers the most flexible and affordable options for professional hot tub removal and disposal services.

Old Hot Tub Removal

At College Dudes Help U Junk, our crews are fast, efficient, and experienced, have the equipment needed to remove old hot tubs, and haul them away. College Dudes Help U Junk technicians will bring the tools they need to dismantle your hot tub there on the spot, and will then move it to our specialized Hot Tub Transportation Truck. We have the right tools and transportation needed to make Residential Junk Removal painless and easy.

Old Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tub Haul Away

You cannot lift a hot tub even if other family members your neighbor offer you a helping hand. You always need professionals to haul away your hot tub. At College Dudes Help U Junk we have teams of professionals to remove junk from your property and haul away bulky old and unwanted hot tub so that you may have room for a new hot tub.

Hot Tub Demolition

College Dudes Help U Junk works to assist with the demolition of your hot tub. Our full-service includes Crew, Truck, labor, and disposal. There are never any hidden fees when using. We are happy to take any of your junk off your hands. We have got skills, tools, and techniques to get the job done accurately to provide you ease, comfort, and more space in your home.

Spa Pool Removal

Whether you are remodeling your spa space or selling a home with an old hot tub, chances are you will need to get rid of it. Hot tubs are large, heavy, and Cumbersome, so hauling them to the dump yourself or putting them on the curb for the garbage collectors to pick up is rarely a practical choice. College Dudes Help U Junk crews are trained to remove all types of spas, hot tubs, Pool Table, Jacuzzis, and will quickly have it out of your yard.

Jacuzzi Removal

With College Dudes Help U Junk you will be assured to assist with the removal of your jacuzzi you get your space back quickly without having to do the work. And, with College Dudes Help U Junk’ Eco-Friendly Disposal Solutions, you can be assured that the recyclable parts are kept out of the landfill. We take care of all of the labor and loading no matter where your items are located. After we load all the identified items, we haul it away.