College Dudes Help U Junk Offers Pool Table Removal And Disposal Services Including Billiard Pool Table Removal & Old Pool Table Removal.

Pool or billiard tables are an item which requires safe and professional handling during relocation. Our specialized pool table removal team has decades of experience to ensure that every aspect of the move is carried out with the utmost precision and care. All our fitters and Pool Table Removals Staff are skilled at removing various makes and models of pool tables. Injury can easily occur if an untrained person attempts to move a pool table. At College Dudes Help U Junk we also deal with Snooker Table Removal and billiard table removal. We offer any type of service that involves getting rid of the pool table.

Pool Table Removal

Billiard Table Removal

At College Dudes Help U Junk we can remove your three-piece slate billiards table. We will remove and haul away any and all of your unwanted gaming tables and systems, including full-size Arcade Game Consoles, from anywhere in your home, garage, or casino. Our eco-friendly disposal options include donating and recycling if possible. We at College Dudes Help U Junk strive to find Garbage Disposal Solutions for all working games so they don’t end up in a landfill. Billiards and other game tables are incredibly bulky, and often take extra care to safely move and carry through your home. College Dudes Help U Junk will remove and responsibly dispose of your unwanted pool and other gaming tables.

Pool Table Disposal

Worried about moving your pool table? Pool tables are typically big and bulky; they weigh a lot and can be awkward to carry. As such, pool table moving services can be useful, and help keep you safe. We do not recommend trying a Pool Table Relocation alone. Pool tables do not fit through doors fully assembled. This means you’ll typically need to disassemble your table before moving. Instead of risking breaking your pool table, let the Expert Movers at any assembly handle it with a worry-free guarantee. Not only are our experts knowledgeable and professional, but they are also strong enough to carry the tables, which is why we assure our services are 100 percent safe, efficient, and precise.

Pool Table Removal Services

At College Dudes Help U Junk we offer the following Pool table removal services:

  • Slate Pool Table Removal
  • Snooker Table Removals
  • Metal Pool Tables Removal

Pool table relocation doesn’t have to be difficult. College Dudes Help U Junk is here to help. For all your pool table removal and disposal services, get in touch with us at College Dudes Help U Junk and we will be there to help you move. We provide timely, high quality, efficient, and Professional Rubbish Removal services for our valued customers.

Slate Pool Table Removal

If you have a slate pool table and you want to get rid of it, call College Dudes Help U Junk. Our friendly, uniformed Truck Teams will take care of everything for you we can take your pool table apart, move it out to our truck, and ensure everything is recycled or disposed of responsibly. All you have to do is the point! We provide Slate Pool Table Removal Services 24/7, so you can contact us at any time.

slate pool table removal

Snooker Table Removal

If you decide to take care of snooker on your own, you’ll need to take it apart first. This step can be quite a time-consuming task and requires the right tools, which you may not already have. The individual parts can still be quite heavy on their own, so you’ll likely still need a hand moving it. However, considering the size and weight of the table, you shouldn’t try handling it on your own. At College Dudes Help U Junk we provide services of snooker table removal.

Metal Pool Tables Removal

Removing a pool table from home or business can be stressful. Not only can it be heavy but the disposal can be hard as well. Leaving it on the curb for the garbage man might be a good idea, but only if they actually take it. College Dudes Help U Junk makes it easier for you to removal metal pool tables. Just call and schedule a free estimate. You can rest assured we will get rid of that old and Heavy Metal Pool Table without damaging or causing any harm to your home.